Advancing Healthcare Reform: A 30-Year Mission of VBSR

For over 30 years, VBSR has been at the forefront of advocating for healthcare reform. Addressing issues of equity and funding in our healthcare system remains a critical priority. All Vermonters must have access to affordable and reliable healthcare, with the ultimate goal of severing the link between insurance and employment.

This shift will allow VBSR businesses to excel in what they do best – expanding operations, creating jobs and increasing the wages of hard-working Vermonters.

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Healthcare: Balancing Economics and Wellbeing

Employers help carry the burden of rising costs and poor health outcomes. In 2024, a significant challenge arises as health insurance plans, available through Vermont Health Connect, have been granted the ability to significantly increase premiums for individuals and small employers, exacerbating the struggle to afford coverage.

Few policy decisions would transform economic development and quality of life like that of a universal, publicly funded healthcare system. This progressive change would not only improve the quality of life but also bolster economic development in Vermont. By untethering healthcare from employment, we can unlock new economic opportunities for both employees and business owners.

Proactive Steps for a Healthier Vermont

Vermont’s path forward involves diligently working to reduce waste in our healthcare system, addressing racial and class disparities, and prioritizing primary and preventive care. A significant step in this direction is establishing a Universal Primary Care system – a move that would redefine healthcare accessibility in our state.

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