Our Legacy of Advocacy

Driving Sustainable Change in Vermont

For nearly 35 years, VBSR has harnessed the power of the business community to galvanize change in the Vermont State House and drive our state toward a new paradigm – a just, thriving, and transformative economy for all people and the planet.

Pioneering Progress: VBSR's Legislative Milestones

Throughout these decades, VBSR has been a progressive voice in business issues and the business voice on progressive issues. Some of our legislative achievements include Farm to Plate, marriage equality, Ban the Box, earned paid sick leave, child care, the Global Warming Solutions Act, clean water, home solar, and much more.

Empowering Businesses for Policy Influence and Societal Impact

It’s unique that our organization's advocacy spans a broad spectrum of social equity and economic development issues. As socially responsible business leaders, VBSR members understand the profound and lasting impacts of these issues on their businesses, employees and communities that we strive to support.

Advocate for Change

Unite for Vermont's Recovery
Your business can make a difference in our collective climate resilience. Join fellow Vermont businesses in signing our letter to Governor Scott, advocating for flood recovery and climate action.SIGN THE LETTER

Back Vermonters' Right to Paid Leave
Your voice matters. Join the urgent campaign for paid leave and make a difference with just a few clicks.TAKE ACTION NOW

Advocating for Social Equity and Economic Development

VBSR not only maintains a full-time lobbyist in the Vermont State House, but also creates opportunities for member businesses to engage directly in the policymaking process and influence the public narrative around some of our most pressing societal challenges.

Elevating Business Voices for a Sustainable Future

Our team is dedicated to amplifying the voices of Vermont’s forward-thinking businesses. Through collective action, we engage in media campaigns, op-eds, community forums, trainings, lobby days, and much more, all aimed at making a significant impact

Be a Champion for Change with VBSR

VBSR members have the opportunity to be catalysts for change, both within their businesses and in the wider policy arena. Voluntary internal business changes are crucial in building equitable, sustainable, and prosperous communities.

However, it's through public policy that we can achieve the necessary pace and scale of change to tackle our most pressing societal challenges.

About VBSR's Advocacy