Care Economy

Fostering Growth and Equity in Vermont’s Care Economy

VBSR has long focused on increasing economic wealth and stability for Vermonters. The care economy, encompassing both paid and unpaid labor and services that support the health and well-being of our residents, is one of the fastest-growing sectors. It plays a critical role in driving employment growth.

Strengthening Workforce and Families for a Balanced Economy

Caregiving is the bedrock of Vermont’s economy and significantly impacts a business’s bottom line. Employees often face the tough choice of leaving their jobs for caregiving duties, while employers bear the high financial and cultural costs associated with employee turnover.

This economic dynamic has a pronounced impact on gender equity as the majority of those leaving their careers to provide care are women. In Vermont, there's a notable 6% labor force participation gap between women and men. Nationally, equalizing women's participation in the labor force could inject approximately $650 billion annually into the U.S. economy.

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Advocating for Equality and Opportunity

VBSR's commitment to promoting opportunity and equality across all racial and ethnic lines is pivotal in our advocacy efforts. Generations of systemic racism have resulted in stark health and economic disparities. Public policy centered on the care economy is a proven tool in creating opportunities that have been historically suppressed to people of color.

Envisioning a Future with Quality Jobs and Racial Justice

By enhancing the care economy, Vermont can create quality jobs, closing the gender gap and advance our state toward racial justice. VBSR is at the forefront of this movement, advocating for an economy that truly works for everyone.

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