Vermont B Corp Collective

Driving Change for People and the Planet

The Vermont B Corp Collective (VBCC) is a vibrant community of Certified B Corps in Vermont committed to connecting and fostering collaboration among B Corp businesses, our employees and the wider community to drive impactful social and environmental change.

The VBCC’s mission is to work together to ensure our people and planet thrive by harnessing the power of Business as a Force for Good.

They strive to achieve this by:

  • Community Building: Fostering opportunities for connection and well-being among B Corp employees.
  • Advocacy and Action: Leading initiatives in collective advocacy and action, with particular focus on climate action, anti-racism, and gender equity.
  • Learning and Growth: Providing & facilitating learning opportunities for the B Corp community and supporters in Vermont, New England, and the B Corp community.
  • Collaborative Impact: Empowering communication and collaboration to promote action across shared B Corp objective and initiatives.
  • Partnership Development: Creating alliances to advance our shared mission and B Lab’s theory of change.
  • Storytelling for Change: Sharing stories and best practices internally & externally to model how stakeholder business can be a force for good in the world.