UVM Sustainable Innovation MBA

Ignite Business Innovation with UVM's Sustainable Innovation MBA Talents

Discover the power of sustainable business practices with the University of Vermont’s trailblazing Sustainable Innovation MBA (SI-MBA) Program. Accredited by AACSB for emerging changemakers who believe business can – and must – become a force for good.

This one-year, rigorously accelerated program is meticulously crafted to provide the essential toolkit for leading businesses towards profitable, sustainable and transformational growth. With a curriculum deeply rooted in sustainable business practices, the SI-MBA program prepares students to be the change agents in today's dynamic business landscape..

As one of the leading “Green MBA” programs in the nation, the students and alumni of SI-MBA are a tremendous asset to Vermont’s business community and present VBSR members with multiple opportunities!

Ways to Collaborate With SI-MBA Students & Alumni

As VBSR member, you have multiple ways to collaborate with the bright minds from the SI-MBA program:

UVM SI-MBA Project Timelines

To explore these opportunities and express your interest in working with SI-MBA students/alumni, simply click on the links above.

VBSR is actively gathering interest from members to work with SI-MBA students and alumni. These opportunities, curated in partnership with the UVM Grossman School of Business, offer a unique platform for emerging leaders to connect with Vermont's vibrant business community. VBSR members will share the opportunities they have with VBSR, who will share them with SI-MBA students/alumni.

These short-term opportunities will bring graduate-level talent and support to your business objectives. It provides SI-MBA students with a chance to apply their comprehensive MBA education, acquire new skills and gain relevant work experience. We also encourage you to consider SI-MBA graduates for your permanent openings!



Example Projects

  • Feasibility Studies & Market Research
  • B-Corp Assessment & Certification
  • Sustainability Analysis, Metrics & Reporting
  • Impact/Annual/ESG Reporting
  • Strategy Support: Brand/Marketing, Operations, Strategic Planning

Questions or Need Support?

For inquiries about connecting with SI-MBA talent through VBSR, contact Jeremy Gerber, VBSR Membership & Development Manager.

For questions about the SI-MBA program, contact John Kim, UVM Grossman School of Business Graduate Programs Career Advisor.