Contact Your Legislators

Strengthening Democracy: Engage with Your Legislators

Direct and constructive dialogue between legislators and citizens is crucial for building public trust. It ensures that a diverse range of voices and perspectives are heard and considered in the lawmaking process.

In Montpelier, the smallest capital city in America, engaging with your legislators couldn’t be any easier or more impactful. This form of civic engagement strengthens our democracy and amplifies your voice in Vermont advocacy.

Empower Your Voice: Participate in Advocacy Actions

Throughout each legislative session and the year, VBSR and our partners provide numerous opportunities to engage in meaningful Advocacy Actions. These actions are vital for effective Vermont advocacy and ensure your representatives understand the needs and priorities of your community.

But at any time, we encourage proactive communication with elected officials who represent you, your family, and your community. Engaging directly with your legislators helps foster a responsive and inclusive government.

Easily Connect with Your Vermont Legislators

To find your legislators, use the Vermont General Assembly‘s easy-to-use “Find a Legislator” search tool. This publicly accessible resource makes it simple to locate contact information for your Senators and Representatives, including email addresses, phone numbers and mailing addresses.

Advocate for Change

Unite for Vermont's Recovery
Your business can make a difference in our collective climate resilience. Join fellow Vermont businesses in signing our letter to Governor Scott, advocating for flood recovery and climate action.SIGN THE LETTER

Back Vermonters' Right to Paid Leave
Your voice matters. Join the urgent campaign for paid leave and make a difference with just a few clicks.ACT NOW

Without VBSR, the exchange of information and ideas that is continuously bettering our world through business and public policy wouldn’t be possible.
— Sascha Mayer, Champion Member Mamava