Climate & Clean Energy

Advancing Climate Resilience and Mitigation in Vermont

With decades of steadfast commitment to environmental advocacy, VBSR has been pivotal in achieving numerous legislative milestones in climate resilience. We’re proud of the leadership Vermont has shown in the nation.

Yet, the battle against climate-related hazards is far from over – they continue to challenge our communities, ecosystems and the very fabric of our shared economy.

Tackling Climate Change Head-On

The escalating impacts of climate change are far-reaching and affect many different areas of our society. In July 2023, a series of federally declared emergencies hit Vermont, with widespread flooding in most counties leading to catastrophic damage in downtown districts and residential neighborhoods..

In response, VBSR is actively leading our thought partners into designing policies and programs aimed at enhancing small business preparedness and resilience in this era of climate crises.

Get Involved in Our Mission

Interested in joining our efforts? Stay in the loop with our weekly legislative updates while the legislature is in session. We offer plenty of opportunity to take collective action to advance our priorities.

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Increasing Our Mitigation Advocacy

Even as we work on building resilience, VBSR continues to advocate for mitigation policies that can be taken to scale. Adding to the urgency of climate action, Vermont has the highest per capita emissions, in the Northeast adding to the urgency of climate action.

Recognizing the urgency in reducing the climate threat, we’ll continue to work with our allies to transition from fossil fuels and toward a clean energy future. In the wake of Vermont's climate emergencies, our resolve is stronger than ever.

VBSR is committed to collaborating with our elected leaders, government agencies and allies to develop improved climate adaptation and resilience practices. We’re also dedicated to mobilizing financial support for businesses grappling with climate impacts.

Embedding Equity in Our Climate Justice Efforts

At the heart of VBSR's climate justice work are the principles of equity, economic prosperity, and strategic adaptation. We are unwavering in our mission to confront the climate crisis, striving for a sustainable and equitable future for all.

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