Economic Stability and Housing: Building a Resilient Vermont

The link between economic stability and housing is undeniable. Housing profoundly impacts many sectors of the economy, including workforce housing, construction, mortgage brokers, transportation, and heating and cooling, to name a few.

Housing: Creating Strong Community Foundations

In Vermont, housing stock continues to decline with a 1.65% decrease in new home construction since 2020. Over one-quarter of our state’s housing structures were built before 1940, while a mere 0.5% of Vermont’s housing stock was built after 2014. 

These statistics signal an alarming near halt in new development and construction, and underscore the urgent need for new residential structures. 

VBSR is poised to collaborate with lawmakers, environmentalists and municipalities to thoughtfully revise ACT 250. Our goal is to harness this tool for strategic housing growth in downtown centers across Vermont.

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Addressing the Economic Impact of Housing Shortages

The scarcity of adequate housing in Vermont costs both employers and employees. The struggle to find accessible and affordable housing can lead households to seek employment elsewhere, often due to long commutes or expensive markets. In response, employers must offer more competitive wages and benefits to attract and retain employees, alongside increased turnover costs.

VBSR will advocate for state and federal investment to increase Vermont’s housing stock and bolster access to housing for low-to-moderate-income Vermonters. Given the extensive housing shortages, a combined effort from the public, private and philanthropic sectors is essential to address this challenge effectively.

Advocating for Community-Based Solutions

Our commitment also extends to creating new supports that enable communities to establish and fund local housing trusts, enhance existing homes through weatherization and push for zoning and tax reforms. Ultimately, ensuring every Vermonter is housed.

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