VBSR Young Changemaker Award

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The VBSR Young Changemaker Award honors individuals under 40 who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in developing or transforming a socially responsible enterprise in Vermont. 

Recognizing both entrepreneurs and organizational changemakers, this award celebrates those who leverage business as a force for addressing societal challenges, ensuring sustainability, and contributing to economic growth within the state.

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Nominations will be accepted through Wednesday, July 31st. Self-nominations are welcome and encouraged. The Nominating Committee will review nominations and select an awardee for approval by VBSR’s Board of Directors based upon the criteria below. The award will be given at the 23rd Annual VBSR Awards Ceremony in October 2024.


The VBSR Young Changemaker Award recognizes an individual under age 40 who has led the formation of a socially responsible enterprise* that has been in operation three or more years. 

Nominees must be under age 40 during the nomination period, and an owner or employee of a VBSR member in good standing. The award seeks to recognize both entrepreneurs and those that have led change within companies/organizations.

*A Vermont socially responsible enterprise uses the power of business to advance innovative solutions to society’s challenges. Such enterprises can be for-profit, not-for-profit or any of the innovative legal structures in between. What distinguishes them is a commitment to the social mission of their organization while maximizing the productivity of their business venture to ensure sustainability.


The awardee will be selected based on their demonstrated ability to:

  1. Use the power of business to advance innovative solutions to society’s challenges and 
  2. Maximize productivity while ensuring sustainability for the good of the planet, their employees, their community and economic growth in Vermont.


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