VBSR Innovation and Inspiration Award

Celebrating Transformative Leadership

The VBSR Innovation and Inspiration Award acknowledges the achievements of individuals and teams within our member organizations who actively bring innovative ideas to fruition.

This award celebrates those who combine vision with action to address challenges, creating practical solutions that offer value and meet societal needs.

These awardees exemplify the transformative power of applying information, imagination and initiative. Their contributions not only advance their fields but also set new benchmarks for responsible and sustainable business practices, encouraging a culture of progress and thought leadership.

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The process of turning an idea or invention into a good or service that customers find valuable enough to pay for. To be considered an innovation, the idea must meet two key criteria: it must be replicable at an economical cost and it must fulfill a specific need. Innovation involves a deliberate blend of several elements:

  • Information: Understanding the data and insights available.
  • Imagination: Thinking creatively to solve problems or create new possibilities.
  • Initiative: Taking action to turn ideas into reality.

This process includes everything from the generation of new ideas to their transformation into practical, useful products. In business, innovation is often the result of applying these ideas to better satisfy customer needs and expectations.

Similarly, in social contexts, innovation leads to the creation of new methods for building partnerships, venturing jointly, introducing flexible work hours and enhancing the purchasing power of consumers.


The power of something extraordinary or pioneering to motivate others to reach for a higher standard or goal.


Nominations will be accepted through Monday, July 31, 2024.
Self-nominations are welcome and encouraged. The Nominating Committee will review nominations and select an awardee for approval by VBSR’s Board of Directors based upon the criteria below. The award will be given at the 22nd Annual VBSR Awards Ceremony in October 2024.


Awardees are VBSR members who have accomplished an innovative and/or inspirational achievement within the past three years* in two or more of the following areas:

  • Planet (Environmental Impact)
  • People (Social Impact)
  • Prosperity (Economic Impact)

*More recent achievements will be given preference.


The VBSR Innovation and Inspiration Award recognizes organizational achievement using the criteria below. All VBSR Members in good standing are eligible. The award is given in two categories:Small VBSR Member (15 or fewer employees)Large VBSR Member (16 or more employees).


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