Terry Ehrich Award for Lifetime Achievement

Honoring a Legacy of Excellence and Impact

The VBSR Terry Ehrich Award for Lifetime Achievement honors an outstanding individual of a member organization. Terry Ehrich was the late owner of Hemmings Motor News, founder of the First Day Foundation, and a founding member of VBSR. The award was first given posthumously to Terry Ehrich in 2002. Since then it has been given annually to a person exemplifying Terry’s commitment to community, the environment, progressive public policy, and the workplace.

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    Nominations will be accepted through Monday, July 31, 2024. Self-nominations are welcome and encouraged. The Nominating Committee will review nominations and select an awardee for approval by VBSR’s Board of Directors based upon the criteria below. The award will be given at the 23rd Annual VBSR Awards Ceremony in October 2024.


    Any individual employed by a VBSR member who is a socially responsible enterprise (as defined below) is eligible to be nominated. Membership must be in good standing.

    A socially responsible enterprise is one that uses the power of business to advance innovative solutions to society’s challenges. Such enterprises can be for-profit, not-for-profit or any of the innovative legal structures in between. What distinguishes them is a commitment to the social mission of their organization while maximizing the productivity of their business venture to ensure sustainability.

    Past awardees and members of VBSR’s Nominating Committee are not eligible.


    We look for people who work to bring about positive changes in our state or nation. We also seek a person who is proactive and sees the greater impact of what we do, represents a socially responsible business ethic to legislators and other decision-makers (state or federal), and provides a concrete example of how things can be done with a conscience through their business model, including through the following four areas:

    1. Community: We look for a person who exemplifies community involvement, such as donating volunteer time, providing resources (financial and other), and promoting employee volunteerism.
    2. Environment: We look for a person whose business practices demonstrate respect and concern for our natural resources and minimize any negative impact on the environment.
    3. Public Policy: We look for a person who is active in Vermont public policy or on the national scene and speaks out on and influences issues.
    4. Workplace: We look for a business model that encompasses a healthy and productive workplace, welcomes and promotes flexibility for employees, and centers people in its policies and practices.

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