Membership Payment and Communications Update

VBSR is always seeking ways to improve your membership experience and make your contributions to our mission – leveraging the power of business for positive social and environmental impact – as easy as possible. To this end, we are making some improvements to our payment methods and communications.

1) Payment Methods: Starting on July 15th, we will be offering a new payment method for membership dues: autorenewal. This will give you the option to opt-in to automated payments for your annual membership renewal with a credit card. We have also begun to offer QuickBooks as a payment method. Checks and credit card payment by phone will continue to be accepted as they are now. Learn more by reviewing the below frequently asked questions.

2) Communications: Starting on July 15th, all membership dues-related communications will come from the email address, which is our primary outbound email address. In order to continue receiving important communications from VBSR, please make sure that (and any email address) is an authorized sender to your organization.

Autorenewal FAQs