Legislative Breakfast

Shaping Vermont's Future

Every December for decades, VBSR members, policymakers, advocates and state officials have congregated at the VBSR Legislative Breakfast. This event serves as a platform to explore and celebrate all the opportunities to foster a just, thriving and transformative economy in the upcoming legislative session.

The morning is a celebratory moment to:

  • Announce VBSR’s upcoming Legislative Agenda.

  • Present the Annual VBSR Legislator of the Year Award.

  • Review VBSR’s policy accomplishments from the past year.

Collective Leadership: Legislating Vermont's Tomorrow

Starting with a coffee-fueled networking breakfast, the event transitions into guest speakers and engaging presentations from policy leaders. This often-sold-out event stands as a day of commitment and conviction for VBSR members and advocates, as they gear up for impactful State House work.

Get Involved: Enhance Our Impact Together

For more information, please contact Public Policy Manager, Kristin Warner at kristinw@vbsr.org.

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