2024 Vermont Employee Ownership Conference


The 22nd Annual Vermont Employee Ownership Conference is a one-day event bringing together the most dynamic minds from the employee ownership community in shared celebration of broad-based employee ownership.

Keynote Speaker: We are delighted to welcome Melissa Hoover, Director of Special Projects and founding Executive Director at The Democracy at Work Institute, as our keynote speaker. Melissa’s breadth of first-hand knowledge and passion for expanding employee ownership is second to none in the field, and her dedicated leadership has been a critical force behind numerous employee ownership organizations and initiatives over the past two decades.

Date: Friday, May 31, 2024

Location: Dudley H. Davis Center, Burlington, Vermont

Overview: The VEOC conference delves into employee ownership with four rounds of workshops on weighing ownership conversion options, fostering cooperation, managing common workplace challenges, and unlocking leadership potential. With 24 sessions to choose from, our conference offers attendees a rich tapestry of workshops, panel discussions, and lecture-style presentations on shared ownership models.

Visit www.veoc.org/conference for more information and to register once it opens.