Is there a solution to Vermont’s child care crisis?

Some facts about Vermont’s child care crisis:

Nearly 80% of infants and toddlers likely to need child care in Vermont do not have access to high-quality programs
Middle-income families with two children are paying up to 40% of their income on child care.
Child care workers earn on average less than $25,000, which is less than a livable wage.
What are some solutions to this challenge? Earlier this month the Blue Ribbon Commission on Financing High Quality Affordable Childcare released its final report to the governor and legislature. We discuss the findings with Commission members and child care provider.

Sarah Squirrell, Charlotte Ancel & Paula Nadeau, Executive Director of Building Bright Futures, Member of the Blue Ribbon Commission; Chair of Blue Ribbon Commission, Vice President, Green Mountain Power; Parent and Owner-Director of an infant-toddler center for 20 children, respectively