We are grateful to the workshop presenters for the time and energy they put into the preparation of materials and presentations for our conferences and workshops.

The information in the materials and presentations below was graciously shared by our presenters and has not been verified by VBSR. As the world of business and sustainable business practices is constantly evolving, the information posted may require updating–each resource includes the date it was presented.

VBSR Spring Conference – May 15, 2019

The Impact of Culture & Engagement on Customer Satisfaction

Finding Solutions: Personal Tech & Social Media Policies for the Workplace

How (and Why) to Talk About Class at Work

Resources from Equity Solutions

Using Metrics for Change

Messaging Your Mission

Supporting Employees with Substance Use Disorders: A Toolkit for Employers

The Love Economy Presents a VBSR Love in Business Experience: An Invitation to Explore Love for Yourself, Company & Community

Vermont Businesses for #Resistance – Companies Champion Policy Change

2019 Spring Conference Exhibitor List

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