As we navigate the current public health & economic crisis, VBSR is here to support our members and the community at large as we face these unprecedented challenges together. We recognize this paradigm shift affects all areas of business activity, communities and our families.

VBSR is committed to providing businesses with the tools they need to endure and continue to champion a business of goodwill. Sticking together, we can find innovative, people-first approaches to caring for our mission-driven organizations, employees, communities and families.


VBSR Webinar Series: Coronavirus Response Resources for Businesses

VBSR is pleased to offer a webinar series designed to provide businesses with resources and tools as they respond to the many impacts of the Coronavirus. Join us to hear from VBSR staff, fellow business leaders, legislators, and issue experts on the challenges of operating during a pandemic and learn more about how best to overcome them.

Recordings of past VBSR COVID-19 Webinars:

  • Returning to In-Person Work with a Focus on Social Responsibility (6/5/20) – watch here.
  • Onboarding During COVID-19 (6/4/20) – watch here.
  • Same Storm, Different Boats: The Pandemic’s Outsized Impact on Marginalized Communities (5/28/20) – watch here.
  • Income Advance Loans & Innovations to Support Your Workforce (5/27/20) – watch here.
  • Power in Partnerships (5/22/20) – watch here.
  • Recruiting and Hiring During COVID-19 (5/21/20) – watch here.
  • Wellness at Home for the Mind, Body & Soul (5/15/20) – watch here.
  • COVID-19 & Healthcare Benefits: Short Term Impacts & Planning For the Future (5/13/20) – watch here.
  • VBSR Digital Town Hall with Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Patrick Leahy, and Congressman Peter Welch (5/7/20) – watch here.
  • Southern Vermont VBSR Member Meet-Up (5/6/20) – watch here.
  • Rebounding with Resiliency for Small Businesses & Solopreneurs (4/24/20) – watch here.
  • Communications in the Era of COVID-19 (4/22/20) – watch here.
  • SBA Loans – Soup to Nuts! (4/17/20) – watch here.
  • Dealing with COVID-19 Anxiety and Hope: Options for Business Resiliency (4/14/20) – watch here.
  • COVID-19 Legal Issues and Updates for Employers (4/10/20) – watch here.
  • COVID-19 Policy Resources for Nonprofits (4/7/20) – watch here.
  • Mastering Virtual Meetings, Webinars, and Remote Workshops (4/2/20) – watch here.
  • Transitioning your Business to a Remote Workplace (3/30/20) – watch here.
  • Coronavirus Response Toolkit for Workplaces and Families (3/27/20) – watch here.
  • Discussion on the Federal Response to COVID-19 with Congressman Peter Welch (3/25/20) – watch here.
  • How to Support your Employees with Child Care Needs during COVID-19 (3/24/20) – watch here.
  • Coronavirus – Keeping your business and community safe (partial recording) (3/16/20) – watch here.

Read About How VBSR Members are Responding

Financial Support

As businesses continue to grapple with the growing economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, state and federal officials are funneling money into lending programs designed to give your business the resources needed to endure and recover from this crisis.

State and Federal Guidelines

Follow these links for the most up-to-date news and guidance from our state and federal partners.

Organizational Resources 

Consult these resources for guidance on supporting your employees and for best organizational practices during the pandemic.

Employee Wellness, Accessibility & Support

Community Calls to Action & Support

Use your business as a force for good by supporting community action and explore volunteer opportunities:

Mutual Aid Resources 

Regional communities are banding together to organize local aid efforts. Encourage your employees to sign up and volunteer in their community.