What is it?

The Livable Jobs Toolkit is for businesses who:

  • Want to attract and keep employees
  • Have small, medium or large budgets
  • Are looking for new ways to compensate employees

The Toolkit draws from research on companies that have successfully created livable jobs, and gives the specific actions those companies used. It also has practical advice and tools to help companies strengthen their workforce. These include advice on how to:

  • create a work and life-friendly workplace,
  • offer an attractive package of wages, benefits and workplace practices, and
  • stay profitable at the same time.

What is a Livable Job?

A livable job is a combination of wages, benefits, and workplace practices that allow a full-time worker to be financially self-sufficient.

  • Does your company compete with others for employees?
  • Is productivity part of your company’s success?
  • Does your company have too much employee turnover?
  • Does your company suffer from worker shortages?

How to Get the Toolkit

You can download a free copy of the Toolkit as a PDF: THE LIVABLE JOBS TOOLKIT, FALL 2006 REVISED EDITION (740K)


This tooklit is the Fall 2006 Revised Edition. Although dated, some of the content is just as relevant today. The first edition of the Livable Job Toolkit came out in 2000.