Bathrooms without a designated gender benefit a variety of individuals who are uncomfortable or who face mistreatment when accessing gender-specific bathrooms.

Transgender and gender non-conforming people often face stress, anxiety and mistreatment when using gendered bathrooms that are not appropriate for them. Access to a private, non-gendered bathroom can reduce or even eliminate this burden.

People with disabilities or others who have personal attendants of a different gender can run into problems when using gendered bathroooms. Gender neutral bathrooms can provide a more welcoming and comfortable situation for two people of different genders.

People with children of a different gender can encounter misunderstanding when using gender-specific bathrooms, and gender-neutral bathrooms can help.

Everyone who has waited in line for an occupied bathroom while the bathroom for the gender they don’t identify with was empty can probably understand that gender-neutral bathrooms are more efficient, allowing people to avoid those unnecessary waits.

Text excerpted from a poster in SunCommon’s restroom. The poster was excerpted from “Why do gender neutral bathrooms matter?” by the Saint Louis Metro Trans Umbrella Group.