State House

VBSR’s 2018 Legislative Agenda: People. Planet. Prosperity.

People – Investing in the Workforce

Livable Jobs

Vermont should support the creation of jobs with good pay and good benefits – that’s why VBSR supports a responsible increase in the Minimum Wage and the passage of a Paid Family and Medical Leave law.

Child Care

Increasing the affordability and access to child care services is essential to a strong economy. VBSR supports closing the gap in funding for the Child Care Financial Assistance Program.


Planet – A Healthy Environment for a Healthy Economy

Climate Economy

Vermont should adopt the ESSEX Plan, a clean jobs proposal that uses a rising price on carbon pollution to reduce the state’s clean electricity rates.

Clean Water Economy

Vermont’s lakes and rivers are among our most valuable natural resources. We support establishing a long-term funding source and comprehensive plan for clean water projects.


Prosperity – Growing the Vermont Economy

Health Care Reform

Out of control costs are hurting businesses that pay for employee health insurance. Vermont should move to a comprehensive health system, starting by investing in universal primary care.

21st  Century Workforce

Vermont’s employment laws should be updated to allow more independent contractors to find work with Vermont companies while also protecting the rights of traditional employees.


Economic Development

Health Care Reform is Economic Development

Health insurance can cost businesses an average of $15,000 a year per employee. This cost is unsustainable, unfair, and hurts business and workers. Comprehensive health care reform is economic development and the first step in that process is investing in a Universal Primary Care system – one that gives all Vermonters access to a family doctor and uses the power of preventative care to reduce health care costs long-term.

The $1 Billion “Buy Local” Campaign: The Essex Plan Moves Vermont’s Energy Money In-State

Vermont can grow the economy and fight climate change by adopting the ESSEX Plan, a proposal that uses the revenues from carbon pollution pricing to slash electricity rates for all Vermonters.

We spend more than $2 billion each year on fossil fuels – and most of that money goes right outside of Vermont. The ESSEX Plan, first proposed by a group of VBSR business leaders, would stimulate investment in clean energy and efficiency – and keep that money right here in Vermont.


Vermont is a good place to do business — and we can grow the economy by building on our strengths.


Green Brand

Vermont is a leader in growing green jobs in the fields of clean energy and efficiency. More than 19,000 workers are employed in the clean energy sector in Vermont, a growth of nearly 30% since 2013.

Public Investments

Limited economic development dollars should be invested in efforts that can help the whole economy across the state, including making quality child care more affordable or boosting access to high-speed Internet services.


Vermont has one of the highest high school graduation rates in the country, but too many are not continuing their education. That’s why VBSR is a proud supporter of the 70×2025 campaign, which seeks to increase the number of Vermonters with postsecondary degree or other credentials by 30,000 over the next eight years.

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