PR: Diversity Grows Vermont’s Economy


December 10, 2015

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Daniel Barlow, VBSR Public Policy Manager (802) 355-7461

VBSR: Diversity Grows Vermont’s Economy

Organization condemns dangerous anti-immigrant rhetoric as bad for communities and the economy.

Burlington, VT – The Board of Directors at Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility (VBSR) released the following statement today in response to political rhetoric surrounding immigration and diversity in the United States.

Immigration enriches Vermont’s communities and economy. Vermont should embrace immigrants and refugees fleeing war zones and condemn extreme rhetoric to restrict entry to the United States based on skin color or religion as fundamentally un-American. Our economic future exists not with the prejudicial politics and practices of the past, but with diverse workplaces that innovate freely and are free of discrimination.

As business people, we believe diverse pools of applicants allow businesses to hire the best and brightest – creating a more qualified workforce. Diversity also brings innovation and creativity to the workplace, allowing for new approaches to problem-solving and boosting productivity. Across the country, women and minority-owned businesses are driving economic growth by fulfilling American’s entrepreneurial promise.

VBSR believes that diversity is an economic driver for Vermont. Welcoming residents from different backgrounds and experiences strengthens our communities and generates growth and new opportunities in our economy.


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VBSR- Diversity Grows Vermont’s Economy