Paid Earned Sick Leave

What Does the Law Do?

Act 69 allows most Vermont workers to earn paid time off from their employers. The paid time off can be used to recover from personal or family illness or to seek other services. Initially, employees will earn one hour of paid time off for every 40 hours they work. Workers can earn 24 hours during the first two years of the law, and that number increases to 40 hours in 2019.

Who Earns the Time?

The new law only applies to employees working more than an average of 18 hours per week. Seasonal employees working less than 20 weeks are also exempt.

VBSR Support

VBSR and its members supported this law, to support business, their employees and families and ensure healthier workplaces and communities.

What Changes?

Businesses that already offer paid time off that meets the law’s minimum requirements don’t need to change anything. Other businesses must implement changes by January 1, 2017.