How To: Follow the Law, Implementing Paid Sick Leave

With Vermont’s paid sick leave legislation (supported by VBSR) now under effect, hourly employees over 18 years old who work at least 18 hours/week earn 1 hour of leave for every 52 hours worked. This does not apply to seasonal employees who work a total of less than 20 weeks in 2018. Employees must use the paid sick leave for specific uses (see links below) and use the leave in one-hour increments.The uses also include when an employee’s child’s school is closed for health or safety reasons, e.g., snow days.

If you are an exempt employee, the law assumes you work 40 hours/week and paid sick leave is accrued on that basis. Employees will be able to carry over 24 hours of their unused 2018 paid sick leave time into 2019. In 2019, they can carry over 40 hours of this time into 2010.

If an employee is sick during a period when they are not scheduled for work, no sick time will be used. If an employee uses earned sick time, they are not required to make up that time. They may, however, make arrangements with their employer to work additional hours during the same pay period to avoid the use of and payment for earned sick time.

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