Action Alert: Sign on to Help Transform Vermont’s Child Care System!

Help transform child care for Vermont children birth to five by signing on in support of Let’s Grow Kids’ 3-year legislative campaign

Woman with two childrenThe COVID-19 pandemic has brought the critical role that childcare plays in our society to the forefront–making clear that it is an essential form of infrastructure for a strong economy and a prosperous, equitable Vermont. Unfortunately, this crisis has also laid bare a stark reality that has impacted our state for decades–over half of Vermont’s youngest children do not have access to care. 

What does this mean for the Vermont business community? In the workplace, parents are struggling to balance childcare and work—resulting in absenteeism, tardiness and distractions at work. More broadly, childcare access and affordability challenges forces many parents to leave the workforce altogether costing them their salary, potential wage growth, and retirement savings, not to mention taking away form household buying power. Over time, a parent who leaves the workforce loses up to four times their annual salary per year and too often that burden falls on working mothers—further exacerbating the gender wage gap. 

As our businesses grapple with these challenges, providers are trying to content with a childhood educator workforce crisis in Vermont; as low wages, few benefits, and increased health risks due to the pandemic are taking their toll. Programs struggle to find and retain qualified staff, which is the single most important indicator of quality in childcare.

Vermont must commit to build an equitable and sustainable childcare system, one that is universally affordable, accessible to all, and values the tireless work and expertise of our early childhood educators. This is an economic and moral imperative, one that promises to not only retain Vermonters but attract new families looking to make a home in our little state. 

That’s why VBSR has teamed up with our friends at Let’s Grow Kids to advance their 3-year legislative campaign to support our children, families, early childhood educators, communities, employers, and economy. Together, we are working to advance legislation that will: 

  1. 1. Make early childhood education more affordable;
  2. 2. Fairly compensate and advance Vermont’s early childhood education workforce; 
  3. 3. Expand access to high-quality early childhood education throughout the state;
  4. 4. Invest in new IT for Vermont’s early childhood education system;
  5. 5. Strengthen early childhood education system governance and administration; and 
  6. 6. Identify a long-term funding plan for our state’s early childhood education system. 

VBSR is calling on our member businesses and community leaders, to join us in signing onto this exciting new campaign in the hopes that together we drive lawmakers to create a childcare system that is accessible, affordable, high-quality, and help create a brighter, more equitable, and prosperous Vermont. The time to act is now. Click here to add your name to the growing list of business champions who support LGK’s policy agenda.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out VBSR Public Policy Manager, Jordan Giaconia at or LGK’s Director of Business Strategy, Emily Blistein at