Economic Vitality & Sustainability

VBSR supports economic development policies that build on Vermont’s strengths: our extraordinary workforce, high quality of life, beautiful open spaces and clean environment. We believe healthy people, healthy communities, and a healthy environment are the foundations of a healthy economy.

Read VBSR’s 2016 Policy on Employment Values and Portable Benefits.

Read VBSR’s 2015 Policy on Investing in Public Education as Workforce Development.

VBSR Action

We continue to support initiatives – such as the Vermont Benefit Corporations legislation passed in 2010 as a direct result of VBSR advocacy – that build on Vermont’s unique strength, such as our green brand and great quality of life.

In 2009, VBSR advocated for the creation of the Vermont “Farm to Plate” Investment Program, which is currently being implemented through the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund. Farm to Plate focuses on economic sustainability through the development of local food production.

In 2008, VBSR helped lead advocacy for Livable Jobs legislation, which directed the State to annually compute the Basic Needs Budget. And in 1995, VBSR led the push for legislation that created the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund, to accelerate the development of Vermont’s green economy.

These are but a few examples of VBSR’s work on economic development that is focused on quality of life, sustainability and resiliency.