VT Evaporator group in the trees

Vermont Evaporator Company sews masks for COVID-19 Fundraising Campaign

An update from Vermont Evaporator Company’s CEO, Kate Whelley McCabe:

Vermont Evaporator Company has been manufacturing and selling high quality equipment and supplies for the DIY maple syrup maker since 2015. Check us out here!

We are a small, family-owned business with big dreams that were more or less coming true! Until COVID-19.

The pandemic hit just at the wrong time of our seasonal sales cycle.  And, like many other small companies, we have had to radically curtail or shut down all of our operations to help fight it. We’re proud to do it, but we estimate that we will lose $80,000 of income by June 1, and $100,000 by October 1, when our sales cycle will start anew.

We’re fighting to keep employees on the payroll while they stay home. We’re fighting to keep our promises to our suppliers and customers. And the government is emerging as a partner in that fight. But we also need YOU!

Help Vermont Evaporator help us all! And together we can make sure that the patchwork of small business that makes this country great emerges from this challenge stronger than ever.
VT Evaporator making COVID masks
And for each donation – of any size – we will make and donate one cloth mask to someone in our community who needs one. Donate here.



Thanks, and stay safe out there.


Kate Whelley McCabe
CEO, Vermont Evaporator