Actual little patakhas ("firecrackers") enjoy helping get books out the door as multicultural media maker Little Patakha expands distribution to more retailers in Vermont. (photo courtesy Little Patakha Instagram)

VBSR Member News Roundup 2/1/23

These member news highlights were first featured in the 2/1/2023 newsletter.

Little Patakha: On a mission to look beyond stereotypes by telling stories that celebrate people in all their nuances, Little Patakha’s products continue to expand their distribution in Vermont through specialty gift and bookstores across the state. Also available online, the company’s narratives celebrate differences, showing how those differences make us more vibrant and innovative. Learn more here.

Vermont Creamery: After 20 years of growing within Vermont Creamery and leading the company, Adeline Druart, President at Vermont Creamery and Vice President of Land O Lakes (and member of VBSR’s Board of Directors!) has decided to pursue new adventures and is departing to explore her next career opportunities. As has long been the case, she assures us that “people, purpose and product will continue to be at the core” of what she does next, while Vermont Creamery will continue to “deliver on its B Corp mission principles.” All our best thoughts go with her! Learn more directly from Adeline here.

Mamava: Champion Member Mamava is rolling out their Solo 2 lactation pod to customers like Apple and Bank of America. A smaller, easier to install design than previous models, it’s the first product wholly developed by the Mamava team from engineering to manufacturing. To see what the Solo 2 looks like and hear about the design decisions that brought it to life, learn more here.

High Fidelity, Sunset Lake CBD, and Kria Botanicals: Burlington-based, woman-owned cannabis company High Fidelity recently released the latest episodes of its podcast exploring the intersection of cannabis, integrative selfcare and the arts. And guess what? They feature other VBSR members! In Episode #11 you can hear Sam Bellavance of Sunset Lake CBD and Episode #12 is a conversation with Emma Merritt of Kria Botanicals. Even if you’re not involved in the emerging Vermont cannabis marketplace, you’re likely to discover something valuable about marketing, your state, the history (and utility) of hemp and more. Listen here.

Davis & Hodgdon: Davis & Hodgdon CPAs is seeking input for their annual survey related to the economy and local businesses. The goal is to better understand Vermont small- to medium-sized business owners’ perception of the business climate. Since launching it in 2013, the resulting valuable feedback has been effectively shared with state media and legislators. The survey will remain open until February 11th. Learn more here.

Copper Leaf Financial: We know you’ve heard us talking up our VBSR ESG Learning Cohort, a place to hone your ESG disclosure skills for your organization. Copper Leaf Financial is offering a look at ESG from a different angle that they know well: investing. Over the last five years ESG investing has transitioned from a niche approach practiced by a few pioneers to a mainstream investment strategy. Their virtual town hall will review ESG investing’s rapid development and discuss some of the pressing issues it faces as it grows. Learn more here.

Darn Tough Vermont: Gold Member Darn Tough Vermont has hired Kristen Graf as Global Director, Environmental and Social Responsibility. She steps into the role with two decades of developing and overseeing sustainability and equity programs. Graf will focus on the brand’s mission to produce quality socks while positively affecting the environment and the community. Learn more here.

Vermont Works for Women and Encore Renewable Energy: Our friends at Vermont Works for Women have announced a new location for this spring’s Trailblazers program – the Central Vermont Career Center in Barre – and have begun taking applications for this free, hands-on program that trains women and gender-expansive individuals in core construction and renewable energy skills. Member Encore Renewable Energy is a program supporter of these seven weeks of impactful hands-on training taught by female instructors. Learn more here.