VBSR Member Launches Free Spring “Cleaning” Challenge for Unhealthy Power Dynamics in Socially Responsible Businesses

You’re invited to participate in Round Sky Solution’s FREE 5 Day Spring “Cleaning” Challenge to explore and transform the power dynamics in your team. Explore collaborative processes that help you to walk the talk.

We all want humanizing processes and healthy power flows. However all too often, our socially responsible, cooperatives, and mission driven organizations unwittingly recreate the destructive power dynamics and uncomfortable situations that we’re trying to replace!  

This spring, “clean” up those unhealthy power dynamics. This challenge will offer a working definition of power, a framework and method to analyze the power (harmful or generative) dynamics in your team using an organizational tool: The Power Matrix. You will use what you learn to work with power in a generative and healthy way in your team.

Sign up today to start the challenge.