VBSR Champion member VEIC has released their 2019 Impact Report

In May 2020 we introduced the new VEIC—a corporate commitment to make an impact, and a response to the pivotal social and environmental changes that are shaping how we deliver on that commitment.

This report is one way we’re putting our commitment into practice. We begin with our performance in 2019, demonstrating how we held ourselves accountable to our goals, measuring our progress, and outlining what’s to come.

Facing the climate crisis and its costs, head on

410 ppm

In 2018 the global average atmospheric concentration of CO2 was 409.8 parts per million (ppm) – nearly 40 ppm higher than 2 decades ago. Climate science states that 350 ppm of carbon in the atmosphere is the “safe” threshold for human life.

In each year of VEIC’s 34-year existence, the climate crisis has intensified. We need to work faster to reduce harmful GHG emissions. Our priorities are addressing the detrimental impacts of climate change at individual, business, community, and societal levels.

VEIC takes a holistic approach to finding energy solutions that can create positive change now and in the future. We connect our work to its impacts on the economy, health, and energy justice, because addressing one affects them all. Investments in clean and efficient energy make positive shifts toward greater economic stability, improved health, and more equitable communities.

Read the full report at VEIC here.