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VBSR Announces Newest Champion Member Union Mutual

Union Mutual joins leading Vermont businesses for People, Planet and Prosperity

Burlington, VT – Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility (VBSR) announces this week that Union Mutual will join the organization’s Champion Members. VBSR is a business association with over 730 members who work to foster a business ethic that sets a high standard within the Vermont professional community for protecting the natural, human, and economic environments of the state. The support of Champion Members like Union Mutual is essential to advancing their year-round state-wide work bringing businesses together as a power for good.

For over 140 years, Union Mutual has been providing quality property and casualty insurance products to over 20,000 policyholders in Vermont.  Their slogan, “Live Life Well Protected” is championed by providing high-quality service to their network of independent partners and policy holders in Vermont.  The company owes its success largely to its stable, values led approach to business that supports its workers and families, the Vermont community and promotes environmental sustainability.

Union Mutual believes that when a company invests in its employees and families, not only are quality jobs created but communities thrive.  The company’s robust benefits package supports employee wellness, flexibility, and families, while the Union Mutual prides itself on being a culture of fun and work-life balance.  The result of this investment is a well-retained, easily recruited, healthy and happy workforce.

Union Mutual is a seven-time Best Places to Work in Vermont and a Gold-Level organization in the Vermont Department of Health/Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports annual Worksite Wellness Awards; both are a testament to their inspiring, challenging, supportive and creative company culture.

The commitment to workplace innovation and efficiency has also been present on the environmental front.  Union Mutual recently installed a 150-panel 54kW solar array its company headquarters, which will reduce operating cost and the company’s carbon footprint. They also utilize energy efficient LED lighting and closed loop recycling and are undergoing a company-wide paperless campaign, encouraging both employees and insureds to go digital with their insurance policies.

“As a business that has shown leadership in community support and engagement, workplace wellness and, most recently, environmental sustainability, Union Mutual has earned exemplary status as a forward-thinking socially responsible business in Vermont.” said Toby Aronson, Membership Manager for VBSR, “Their top down approach to involving employees in the process of cultivating company culture and participation in community giving makes Union Mutual a people and family first workplace.”

President & CEO Michael Nobles remarks, “Union Mutual is excited to partner with VBSR and support their efforts in protecting Vermont’s natural, human and economic environments.  Union Mutual was founded on the premise of neighbors helping neighbors, and 146 years later that rings true today more than ever.  Whether through our broad-reaching civic engagement or through our care and concern of our more than 20,000 Vermont policyholders, Union Mutual’s 100 employees and their families exemplify its commitment to triple-bottom line practices.”

VBSR produces education and networking events and advocates for Vermont businesses at the State House on issues of sustainable economic development and social equity, having championed the fight for a universal paid family leave program, for livable jobs, and for urgent climate action during the 2020 legislative session.

In light of the rapidly developing pandemic of COVID-19, VBSR will reschedule all scheduled in-person events in March and April. This includes the March 19th Measure What Matters Workshop, March 25th Networking Get-Together at Groennfell Meadery, and the March 20th VBSR Connections Network meeting.  To learn more, please visit vbsr.org.

VBSR is a statewide, non-profit business association with a mission to advance a business ethic that values people and planet as much as profit. Through economic development, education, public influence, and networking, VBSR strives to help 730 members set a high standard for protecting the natural, human, and economic environments of the state’s residents, while remaining profitable.