VBSR Announces Access to BRS Association Health Insurance

In Partnership with Business Resource Services, Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility Brings Alternate Health Insurance Options to Local Employers

Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility (VBSR) announces a new partnership with Business Resource Services (BRS) that allows VBSR members access to BRS’s new association health insurance plans.

VBSR members located in Vermont with fewer than 100 FTEs can now access BRS health insurance plans to provide healthcare insurance for employees. VBSR members will automatically become BRS members, and they will be able to choose from four BRS Blue Cross Blue Shield association health plans, some which are HRA & HSA compatible. VBSR/BRS members can take advantage of these plans during open enrollment, November 1st through December 15, 2018, with the help of their own broker or through BRS.

VBSR members who take advantage of these plans will also receive access to all BRS member services at no additional cost. A business must be a VBSR member in good standing to receive access to the BRS plans and services without paying separate BRS membership dues.

For more than 28 years, VBSR has advocated for a universal health care system that would eliminate the link between employment and health insurance. “By reforming our health care system, Vermont could take the lead in business attraction and retention, and our communities could thrive.” said Jane Campbell, Executive Director of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, “We will continue to work to de-couple health insurance from employment. However, while we do, we’re happy to offer members access to these association plans.”

According to a recent benchmark survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation the average annual premiums paid by employers in the U.S in 2018 are $19,616 for family coverage, a 5% increase since 2017. The survey also says “The average family premium has increased 55% since 2008 and 20% since 2013.”

Association plans are available due to a decision by the Trump administration to allow associated health plans, which is a step backward for health care reform because it further fractures the market. VBSR anticipates legislation at the Vermont State House that will connect the association risk pool with the Vermont Health Connect risk pool. VBSR would support that legislation if it ensures the stabilization of market prices.

Businesses interested in becoming a member of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility can visit their website, vbsr.org, and those interested in enrolling in a BRS association health plan or who want to learn more should visit http://www.vbsr.org/vbsr-member-health-insurance-plan.