UVM Mentoring Network: Mentors Sharing Their Experience and Expertise

Are you an entrepreneur, bringing your idea to the marketplace? Are you innovating novel solutions to problems that need to be solved? Are you an established entrepreneur that wants to take your idea or service to the next level? Do you have urgent questions that are slowing down your progress?

We can help. We have created a tool called the UVM Mentoring Network to help beginning entrepreneurs connect seamlessly with proven mentors who will share their experience and wisdom. We are seeing early success with the Q & A between the mentors and mentees and this leads us to believe we have created a useful tool for supporting our entrepreneurship community.

Link to the UVM Mentoring Network:


There are 53 mentors signed up and ready to share their experience and expertise. Our mentoring areas include:

Business Analysis, Logistics, Operations, Business Development, Career Development, Client Relations, Computer Programing, IT Support, Web Development, Customer Discovery, Human Resources, Insurance, Recruiting, Training and Development, Workers Compensation, Legal, Copyrights, Licenses and Patents, Management of Non-Profit or For-Profit, Market Analysis, Pricing, Networking, Pitching, Pitch Decks, Promotion, Public Relations, Purchasing, Sales, Supply Chain, Real Estate, and Technology Commercialization

The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) at the University of Vermont believes in the importance of cultivating entrepreneurship and innovation, both on campus and in partnership with the community of Vermont.https://www.uvm.edu/ovpr/entrepreneurship

Any questions about the Mentorship Network can be directed to:

Andrea Elledge, e-mail: aelledge@uvm.edu