OneDigital Launches Coronavirus Advisory Hub

An update from OneDigital:

“In ordinary times, we are employee benefits and HR consultants.  When we began to see the scope of this pandemic, we realized right away that our on-staff attorneys and HR consultants would be more needed than ever at this time.

We quickly set up an information hub related to COVID-19 for any employer to access (, and also established a dedicated e-mail address for any employer to contact our legal and HR advisory team: .

Since establishing this email, our legal and compliance people have been working around the clock to keep up with the volume of questions coming in from employers.  Especially for employers who can’t afford to call their attorney right now, we want to make a free resource available to the business community.

It is encouraging to see businesses coming together at a time like this and I hope it leads to a wider transformation in how we do business in Vermont and in this country.”