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Official New Chapter Statement: COVID-19

The Coronavirus disease outbreak (COVID-19) has been declared a global pandemic and it’s a stressful time right now. As a company devoted to delivering the wisdom of nature to everyone on their self-care journey, New Chapter sends our consumers, retailers, and all those affected by this disease a sincere dose of love, hope, and compassion.

New Chapter has taken a proactive approach to protect our employees and deliver our award winning, healing formulas to our consumers and retailers during this difficult time. Below are some ways New Chapter is handling the international Coronavirus disease outbreak.

Our Family of Employees.

New Chapter is committed to taking care of our greatest asset – our employees. Some of the ways in which we are caring for our New Chapter Family are:

  • Social distancing: Those who can work remotely are doing so. Travel and trade shows have been suspended for everyone’s safety. New Chapter is committed to providing resources and strategies to remote employees to ensure a smooth transition.

For those employees deemed essential personnel, mandatory onsite temperature checks are performed daily upon entering the building as well as increased cleaning and sanitization.

  • Access to information: We continue to monitor the evolving situation and disseminate frequent communication as more information becomes readily available. New Chapter is committed to providing employees with education and information from both the CDC and WHO and access to resources in our employee assistance program and to on-site medical personnel.

New Chapter continues to place a high priority on hygiene and both physical and mental health of employees at this sensitive time.

  • Support resources: New Chapter is committed to helping any employee that may become afflicted by COVID-19 or believe they have encountered anyone who may have the virus. The company will provide resources and assistance to ensure that all employees receive the care they need.

Our Commitment to Quality.

New Chapter goes through great lengths to ensure our products are of the highest potency and quality. We source our products from the finest organic and non-gmo ingredients from around the world, where they grow best. Our dedicated team of quality experts perform microbial and analytical testing on every batch of ingredients to ensure safety from harmful microbes and confirm our ingredient quality, purity, and identity.

Our Commitment to our Consumers.

Now more than ever, people need our products and New Chapter is committed to helping our consumers on their individual self-care journey. New Chapter is shipping all available products as usual. Orders can be placed on or look for our products on other online retailers and in open stores. Questions regarding orders can be answered by our dedicated Take Care Center Representatives at 1 (888) 874-4461.

New Chapter is also committed to providing resources and education to our consumers with tips for immune health and self-care throughout this difficult time. Check us out on social media, our blog, and sign up to receive our emails.

We are grateful every day for our consumers. We are in this together and encourage our users to feel free to reach out through social media or call our Take Care Center if they have any questions.


COVID Philanthropic Efforts

As one of B Corp’s Best for the World: Changemakers, New Chapter is continuously looking for ways to champion our overall philosophy of health, wellness and goodwill to people and the planet. In a response to the impacts of the current global pandemic, we have dedicated our business first and foremost to providing love and care to the New Chapter Family, and to continue delivering on our commitments to retail partners and end-users.

In addition to this effort, New Chapter has been actively working to provide support to local organizations who have stepped to the forefront to address the serious concerns regarding the continued health and safety of our communities and those who reside within. We are proud to announce that New Chapter has been able to donate over $10,000 to local organizations who have made it a priority at this time to provide the base necessities to those most in-need, through continued access to fresh, local food and the comforts of home. Recipients include GroundWorks Collaborative, The Vermont Foodbank, FoodConects and The Brattleboro Alliance. New Chapter has also contributed over 1,700 bottles of our healing products and 2,000 medial-grade facemasks to Herbalists without Borders, Valley Regional Health Care and Brattleboro Memorial Hospital in an effort to support the heroic healthcare providers who have graciously put themselves in harm’s way in order to keep our communities healthy and safe.