Pictured: Brewer Chelsea Nolan

Members Championing Change: The Alchemist

In addition to brewing delicious world-renowned beer, The Alchemist is a powerful example of a business with commitment to the environment, its employees and the community.

As a leader in waste reduction & responsible water use, they encourage other brewers to do the same through the Vermont Brewers Association. Their deep commitment to employee health & well-being is demonstrated through their attention to gender equity, and stellar benefits including; employer-paid health insurance, 10% 401k match, daily health classes, unlimited healthy food & organization-wide challenges. The Alchemist shows a commitment to a thriving Vermont with generous charitable giving focused on organizations that help Vermonters of all ages live, play and work to build strong and sustainable communities.

“We are so proud to have been able to build this business in Vermont, and to use our voice to advocate for policies that help Vermont’s people and environment. Our employees, our customers and our neighbors all benefit from our triple bottom line commitments.” Jen Kimmich, co-founder and CEO of the Alchemist Brewery and board chair of the Alchemist Foundation, recipient of the 2018 VBSR Terry Erich Award for Lifetime Achievement