Members Championing Change: New Chapter

New Chapter has been a longtime example of how a business can lead with their values. As one of the first US Vitamin and supplement companies to achieve B Corp Certification in the US, New Chapter has incorporated social & environmental efforts into day-to-day operations earning them B Lab’s Best for the World: Changemakers 2 years in a row (2018/2019).

New Chapter not only cares deeply about a high quality workplace for its employers but also their suppliers. By using environmental & social performance screens on their supply-chain from Vermont to India, New Chapter ensures their products are a healing force from all directions.

New Chapter’s values of healing for both planet and self also reach outward into the Vermont Community. New Chapter has major philanthropic partnerships with The Warrior Connection, an organization committed to improving the well-being of veterans and their families and the Vermont Foodbank which provides meals for the 1-in-4 food insecure people in Vermont.

“New Chapter has long been working toward an organic, sustainable world. Using our business as a force for good, we were pioneers in both the Organic and Non-GMO movements. We firmly believe that our market economy is one of the most effective tools we have as a society to shift the needle and drive positive change. By increasing demand for products and services that are produced or provided in a more responsible way, companies are forced to come up with creative and cost-effective ways to meet rising industry demands and growing consumer/customer expectation, providing a market-based solution that keeps us moving forward.” – Amergio Pennoni, New Chapter

New Chapter is located in Brattleboro Vermont and is a VBSR Champion Member.