Members Championing Change: Jasper Hill Farm

Jasper Hill Farm whom now employees over 80 employees is working dairy farm whose commitment to ‘taste of place’ makes them a bearer of quality in the cheese industry. In addition, the farm is deeply committed to environmental stewardship, supporting Vermont’s dairy farmers & closing the loop on a regenerative agricultural model. The farm offsets its energy use with an 11,000 square foot solar array and an onsite cropping center and a nutrient recycler both of which greatly reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Jasper Hill’s Cellars facility has created opportunities for other dairy farmers who supply it milk and cheese to earn a premium beyond commodity prices, helping to keep their farms in business.

“Our farmstead cheesemaking operation began as a quest for meaningful work in a place that we love with the people we love. But the evolution of our business is driven by a commitment to preserving Northern Vermont’s working landscape so that future generations might find the same support”Mateo Kehler, Co-founder of Jasper Hill and Head Cheesemaker