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Members Championing Change: Champlain Valley Dispensary & Southern Vermont Wellness

The only independently owned cannabis company in the state, Champlain Valley Dispensary & Southern Vermont Wellness is not just navigating the field of an emerging industry but is also using a values-led approach to business that champions the environment, it’s employees and policy action. Champlain Valley Dispensary puts environmental responsibility at the forefront of its company values. They use only OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed products, and they are extremely proud of their advanced management practices and ongoing investments prioritizing energy efficiency, water management, and waste minimization.

From their ongoing efforts toward cannabis reform, to providing on-the-job training and paid volunteer time to their staff, to easing the cost of medical cannabis for military veterans — Champlain Valley Dispensary’s work is fundamentally committed to making cannabis-derived medicine available to all who need it — bettering the lives of fellow Vermonters.

“In our opinion, it shouldn’t be a question whether or not to operate a socially and environmentally responsible business. We should all hold ourselves to high standards and live by values we can be proud of – what better way to keep our great state green.” 

– Shayne Lynn, Executive Director at Champlain Valley Dispensary