alchemist text image action plan dismantle systemic racism in our community and beyond

In collaboration with Vermont Partnership for Fairness & Diversity, The Alchemist has released an Action Plan to dismantle systemic racism in their community and beyond.

The Alchemist brewery, based in Waterbury and Stowe, Vermont, has made public an Action Plan to help dismantle systemic racism in their community and beyond. Jen and John Kimmich, co-owners of the world renowned craft brewery, have acknowledged the part that businesses have historically played in upholding and enabling systems of institutional racism. The Alchemist team “has made a long term commitment to acknowledging the pain, learning from the past, and doing anti-racist work”, said Jen Kimmich.

The Alchemist worked with the Vermont Partnership for Fairness and Diversity to create an action plan designed to “dismantle systemic racism in our own community”, Kimmich said. “Our plan outlines three area of strategic interest, anti-racist education, strengthening our BCorp brand, and promoting Vermont as a destination for people of color. Among the three what excites us the most, is the work we have planned to ensuring anti-racist education in our public schools. Today’s students in our public schools are our future workforce, so we believe a long term investment in them is the best way for us to ensure a healthy, inclusive, and multicultural workplace in the future”.

“We have a lot of hard work to do, but we are committed to investing time and money in strengthening our inclusive and equitable business practices, while supporting inclusion, diversity and equity in our community”, said John Kimmich. The public may view the full plan at (website)

The Alchemist plans to start rolling out the plan immediately, starting with anti-racist training for employees. You can read the entire plan here: