Burton employee swapping goggle lenses for PPE for medical professionals

How Burton Snowboards is Joining the Fight Against COVID-19, and How You Can, Too

An update from Burton Snowboards:

As we’ve been watching the COVID-19 crisis taking grip on the world at large, the first question on our minds wasn’t: When can we snowboard again? It was: What can we do to help? We’re re-thinking our manufacturing facilities and supply chain to produce face masks, face shields, and more, and we want our community to stand with us, too.

It’s clear our healthcare workers are our heroes. They’ve always been a part of our community, as snowboarders and outdoor enthusiasts themselves, and as those who take care of us when we wind up needing their care. Now it’s time to make sure they know we’ve got their backs, too.

And one thing’s for damn sure: We’re not interested in anything less than giving everything we’ve got. Yes, this effort forced us to see beyond our normal capabilities. It caused us to dive deep into the murky waters of regulatory process and governmental red tape. Progress has been taking longer than anticipated.

We’re sharing all that to say, we’re doing our best to help, and we want you (yes, you!) to stand with us. Read on for what you can do to help us make a bigger difference than we could on our own: