HELM granted a JUST 2.0 label by the International Living Future Institute

HELM is pleased to announce that we have been granted a JUST 2.0 label by the International Living Future Institute. This voluntary disclosure tool requires reporting on a range of social justice and equity indicators, providing a framework for assessing an organization’s impact on employees, stakeholders, and communities. You can find out more about the JUST program at living-future.org/just/.

HELM decided to pursue the JUST label as a means to assess our current performance, improve transparency regarding how we operate, and uphold our commitment to JEDI (justice, equity, diversity and inclusion). The application process prompted great conversations about our values and priorities and resulted in a full review and update of our company policies and employee handbook. The experience has helped us refine and articulate our policies in a way that centers HELM’s purpose and values and keeps us focused on our vision.

More at: https://www.buildhelm.com/news/2021/1/7/just-label