Governor Scott Recognizes Salvation Farms

Vermont’s Executive Department Recognizes Salvation Farms for lighting the way and being a ray of kindness and goodwill.

In a letter dated December 21st 2021, Vermont’s Governor Phil Scott thanked Salvation Farms for its efforts to spread joy and kindness. Accompanying the letter was an official Executive Department Recognition for the organization’s work to reduce food loss and expand access to locally grown food for all Vermonters.

The Governor thanked Salvation Farms “for strengthening Vermont’s agricultural heritage and spreading this important message of optimism and hope, especially to some of Vermont’s most vulnerable” and declared an official recognition of the organization’s efforts through his office’s Rays of Kindness initiative. “Your innovation is one of the many reasons to feel hopeful and inspired. It’s Vermont organizations like yours that have helped us light the way for the nation in our acts of kindness and community spirit” his letter stated.

“To be recognized by Governor Scott, after nearly 20 years of developing and inspiring programs that support Vermont communities in the active management and increased use of Vermont’s surplus farm foods, is a true honor” Theresa Snow, Salvation Farms’ Founder and Executive Director states. “Vermont is in a fortunate position. Our state’s residents value our working landscape, appreciate ideals of home and land-based economies, and practice acts of food sovereignty through gardening, fishing, hunting, and foraging. Amidst global supply chain disruption, eating and meeting our essential needs by using more of what is available locally is critically important. Salvation Farms is proud to be doing our part to support Vermont farms and communities.”

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