Fuse Recognized as a Bicycle Friendly Business by American League of Bicyclists

Fuse Recognized as a Bicycle Friendly Business by American League of Bicyclists

The award-winning youth marketing agency in Vermont joins more than 1,400 businesses across the country contributing to the movement to build a more Bicycle Friendly America. 

The League of American Bicyclists recognized Fuse in September 2023 with a Silver Bicycle Friendly Business (BFB) award, earning it a place alongside more than 1,400 businesses across the country contributing to the movement to build a more Bicycle Friendly America for everyone. Fuse is an award-winning full-service marketing agency in Vermont that creates authentic brand engagement for teens and young adults.  

“We are excited to announce these new and renewing Bicycle Friendly Businesses, employers at the forefront of a growing movement for healthier, stronger, and better-connected communities across the nation,” said Bill Nesper, executive director of the League of American Bicyclists. “Ensuring more people – whether employees, customers, or members of the community – can safely choose to bike is part of the solution to many challenges we face both locally and globally, and we’re proud to see businesses like Fuse investing in opportunities that make a difference.” 

Fuse joins a total of 1,451 current BFBs nationwide, including everything from government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, museums, hospitality establishments, bike shops, marketing agencies and other employers, all united in a commitment to transform American workplaces to be more welcoming to both customers and employees who bike. The Bicycle Friendly Business award recognizes an organization’s contributions in shifting up and accelerating the movement to build a Bicycle Friendly America for everyone. 

“When businesses demonstrate leadership by joining our movement for better bicycling, the return on investment is clear for both businesses and the community at large — from employee retention and cost-savings on healthcare to fostering a greener environment and getting more investments in the local economy,” said Nesper. “Fuse and businesses like it recognize this and are putting in the work to make bicycling a real transportation and recreation option for all.” 

Fuse encourages bicycling as a transportation option and provides amenities such as indoor and outdoor bike racks, air pumps, and complimentary bikes for staff use, as well as annual incentives including a $500 stipend to use towards purchasing bikes, outdoor gear, or gym memberships and discounts on gear. 

“We are honored to be named as a Bicycle Friendly Business by the League of American Bicyclists,” commented Fuse Partner Issa Sawabini. “It is incredibly important to provide our staff with amenities that will empower them to stay healthy and active. Biking to work is not only a great way to do that, but it also makes a positive impact on our environment.”  

As part of the BFB network, Fuse will have access to a variety of tools and technical assistance from the League to become even more welcoming to people who bike. When employees bike, great things happen, including decreased carbon footprint, reduced healthcare costs, connected to community, a fun and healthy work culture. 

To learn more about the BFB program, or to apply, visit the League online at bikeleague.org/business 

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