Mickey Wiles and Claudia Marshall

Cultivating Talent Through Inclusivity VBSR hosts program on expanding hiring & supporting diverse workforces

On October 25th, more than 150 Vermont businesspeople will convene for the Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibilities fall program ”Cultivating Talent Through Inclusivity” at the Killington Grand Hotel, from 12:30- 5:30 pm. Attendees will learn new tools for creating more equitable workplaces and best practices for attracting and retaining top talent from diverse applicant pools.

The event begins with a keynote by Dr. Jude Smith Rachele, CEO of Abundant Sun, titled “Dismantling Diversity Management – Introducing an Ethical Performance Improvement Campaign.” In this fascinating presentation, Dr. Smith Rachele presents a joined-up system of diversity, which extends beyond human resources into the wider fields of organization and leadership development. Following her keynote, sponsored by New Ground Creative, the audience will engage in peer conversations and dialogue with Dr. Rachele to learn how to apply this new thinking to their businesses.

Throughout this half-day conference, participants can attend workshops focused on supporting employees in recovery, exploring policies for leveraging a multi-generational workforce, and skill building for navigating differences in culture and class in professional contexts, with both employees and clients.

“We are very excited to present this year’s fall program,” said Jed Davis, chair of the VBSR Program Committee. “We have listened to our members and understand that recruitment and retention of qualified workers is a constant challenge for the Vermont business community. We also know that our members are interested in cultivating workplaces where all employees have the opportunity to thrive.”

“Attendees will learn from business owners’ first-hand experiences as well as professionals from non-profit organizations and state government to build the day’s agenda. As attendees move through the day’s conversations, they will gain a broadened narrative of what diversity means in the Vermont context, and how it will benefit their companies in the 21st century workplace.” said Jane Campbell, the Executive Director of VBSR.

The program ends with a networking reception sponsored by Center for New Leadership and Marlboro College Graduate and Professional Studies where attendees can keep the conversation going. To see the complete agenda, learn more about presenters and sponsors, and to register, please click here.