City Market Co-op Accepting 2021 Seedling Grant Applications

What are City Market Co-op Seedling Grants?

As a community-owned food cooperative, City Market acts as a non-profit when we account for profits we make from sales to our Members. Each profitable year, our General Manager recommends a Patronage Dividend to our Board of Directors. A portion of this Dividend is returned through a Patronage Refund check to eligible Members each November in profitable years, based on their spending from the prior fiscal year.

According to City Market’s By-Laws, any Patronage Refunds that are not cashed within 90 days of issuance are donated to organizations supporting our local food system, as directed by our Board. In 2014, City Market created a new program to offer grants through our uncashed Patronage Refund checks.

Through our uncashed Patronage Refund grant program, City Market has previously granted funding to projects of Vermont non-profit organizations whose work strengthens our local food system.

However, we anticipate that it will take several years for the Co-op to return to profitability after opening the South End store in November 2017. So for the next several years, the Co-op Seedling Grants will be funded through our Rally for Change program.


The Logistics

• Applications are due no later than Friday, June 25, 2021 at 5pm. Digital applications can be submitted to Hard copies can be submitted to our Customer Service desk at either our Downtown or South End locations or mailed to City Market, Attn: Mae Quilty, 82 South Winooski Avenue, Burlington VT 05401

Watch their video and learn more here!