CATMA Telework Tools to Assists Now & In the Future

At this time, employers are faced with redefining, adapting and rebuilding their work places and work force. Many employees, including essential workers, have continued to commute to work. There is also a large employee population who have been working from home for months and will likely continue to do so indefinitely.

As employers move forward with an increase in employees working remotely, CATMA has been evaluating how we can best support businesses and optimize our tools and resources in response to this environment.  I am excited to announce that we have created a Telework Program Guide that offers a simple step-by-step format to help facilitate your internal discussions when establishing or enhancing telework policies and practices. In addition, we developed a comprehensive telework assessment tool and employee survey which will be available to interested organizations upon request.

A couple other activities we are working on are a facelift to the CATMA website that will ensure you have the most up-to-date and relevant commute information including COVID-19 protocol for various modes, and we are in early stages of planning a regional Mobility Management Support Center. These products will improve our commuter services and customer support to businesses in the region.

I encourage you to contact the CATMA Team for any support you might need with your employees commutes, return to work and/or telework program and invite you to visit our website and sign up for our newsletters.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.


CATMA Executive Director

We are resilient and will work together for a brighter, healthier and thriving economic future.