BURLINGTON, VT – Esc4pe is a local independent business that opened 1 year ago on June 15th, 2017 to bring the escape room phenomena to Burlington.

Interactive, entertaining and immersive, escape rooms challenge groups to complete a mission by solving a series of physical and mental puzzles in just 60 minutes. During their first year they have received thousands of visitors working to sharpen their team communication, creative thinking, observation and decision-making skills.

Esc4pe currently has two separate scenarios, that each have a capacity of 8-10 people per hour. Their new room, the Info Operator, will give teams of up to 16 the chance to compete head to head, 8 people per side in two identical rooms that were built side by side.

From June 19th to June 23rd Esc4pe is offering VBSR members 50% off booking any room, any day during 2017. Navigate to ESC4PE.COM, select a day and time, choose a scenario and click BOOK IT! In the checkout flow, use the discount code VBSR50. If you are not ready to commit to a specific date, the code works on Gift Certificates as well. Purchasing a certificate will give you a unique code that can be used to book a room when you settle on a date.

Located on 156 College Street, Esc4pe has recently become a member of the VBSR. Esc4pe is an excellent activity for groups to work on their team building in a unique and fun and engaging way. Visit esc4pe.com to learn more.