An Election Day Message from VBSR

I voted sticker

As our country carries out the 2020 election in the midst of a pandemic and Vermonters brace for what will surely be an eventful week, VBSR calls for unity, civility, and patience as state and local officials take the time to count all votes during this unique election season.

Over these last few months, Vermonters from all walks of life have come together to ensure that no one is forced to choose between their health and their right to vote. VBSR businesses advocated for a universal vote by mail system, donated PPE to polling places, gave their employees time off to vote, and used their voices to update their communities on when, where, and how to cast their ballots. Together, their actions and those of our state officials, legislators, and fellow advocates have paved the way for a safe, robust 2020 election. As we write this, 260,142 Vermonters have already voted, roughly 81% of the turnout from the 2016 election. Nationally, 93 million Americans have cast early ballots as of Sunday afternoon, shattering previous records and putting us on track for historic levels of voter turnout.

Still there’s more work to be done.

With election day upon us, we now ask business leaders to look beyond what divides us and to the bedrock, nonpartisan values that unite us—that everyone has a voice in our democracy; that voting should be accessible and safe for all; and that our elections should be fair and transparent. How do we honor those values? By providing all voters with safe access to the polls, giving state and local officials time to count every vote, and honoring the results. 

Vermont’s socially responsible business community is just that, a community; a movement of people and organizations growing together to make a positive impact on our homes, our environments, and the lives of our employees. Collective growth is only possible when all voices are heard, and when civility and respect are practiced by all. This week, let’s celebrate the stellar number of Vermonters voting in this election; thank our poll workers; and reaffirm our commitment to true democracy in the face of adversity.

While it’s too late to vote by mail, Vermonters can still vote in person or hand-deliver ballots to their polling places. Please follow all guidance and instructions at your polling place, including maintaining physical distancing and wearing a mask. Visit the Vermont Secretary of State’s My Voter Page to check your registration status, view frequently asked questions, and more. To locate your polling place click here.