4 Ways VBSR Members are Leading with their Values in the time COVID-19

4 Ways VBSR Members are Leading with their Values in the time COVID-19

Over the last 2 months VBSR members have proven that their commitment to the triple-bottom-line business ethic (People, Planet, Prosperity) laid the foundation for them to swiftly take action in addressing the pandemic and give back to their communities as they navigate this crisis together .  While uncertainty & economic adversity continue to rack the Green Mountain State, their efforts offer glimpses of hope & resilience as Vermont begins its recovery process.

  1. Pivoting Operations to Help Those in Need

As the Vermont and global economy shifted dramatically, businesses who were able to do so quickly pivoted operations to help their fellow Vermonters.  VBSR members such as Vermont Glove & Burton quickly addressed the shortage of PPE by shifting operations entirely to the effort.

“It’s an honor to be able to quickly mobilize Burton’s supply chain to help the doctors, nurses and other selfless professionals who are saving lives.” says Donna Carpenter of Burton.

Members such as Caledonia Spirits & Aqua ViTea utilized their spirit of innovation by utilizing their resources to produce hand sanitizer and VBSR members such as King Arthur Flour & Union Mutual utilized their resources & employees to produce meals for Local Food shelves.

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  1. Transforming Missions & Moving Forward With An Evolved Perspective

 As many businesses grappled with closures and a rapidly changing marketplace, VBSR members like Mamava & Elmore Mountain Therapeutics took this an opportunity to reflect on their core values & mission to determine how best to move forward.

Nicci Micco of Mamava said, “Empathy and trustworthiness are among Mamava’s core values that feel most appropriate to turn to and dial up during this time.”

By trying out new ideas in the virtual space and transitioning their operations online, many members found that one’s core mission can transform and pave the way for new products & initiatives.

“The cannabis industry is a wonderful teacher for how to pivot in the business world. The COVID-19 experience has been one big pivot. We are lucky to have had a lot of practice prior.” Said Ashely Reynolds of Elmore Mountain Therapeutics.

  1. Finding Power in Partnerships

A community-forward approach to doing business is a foundational part of the ethos VBSR members have long embraced.  COVID-19 has birthed an increased sense of “Collective Accountability” over a business culture of “Winners Take-All”.  The spirit of collaboration is alive more than ever as members work together to aid those in need and to support each other in the face of adversity.  Projects such as Union Mutual’s “Helping Neighbors” and Skinny Pancake’s “Shift Meals” are just a couple of examples of how powerful partnerships can create positive change.

“This isn’t about Union and Northfield Savings Bank, it’s about what’s possible when we work together – those who can help, helping those who need it. The combined benefit to two of our favorite lunch spots impacted by the absence of workers in the downtown every day, and to our neighbors in need, has been rewarding and inspiring in this time of uncertainty.” Said Anna Gearson with Union Mutual.

  1. Prioritizing People-First Workplaces

With 30 million Americans unemployed, COVID-19 impacts on the worker has been at a devastating level.  VBSR Members have been leaders in cultivating people-first workplaces and it no surprise that this shared sense of investment has provided support and stability to their employees. While not all are able to do so, many Businesses have expanded benefits to ensure the workers stay safe, healthy, and seen during these challenging times. Whether its remote work opportunities, increased paid time off to maintain full salary, paid family leave, cross-training, access to telehealth, income advance loans, or monetary bonuses for frontline workers, VBSR members have continued to lead the way in caring for their employees and quelling the anxiety & grief we’re all facing.

Businesses like Chroma Technology have not only been able to retain talent but have actually seen an uptick in employment thanks to their enduring commitment to paying a livable wage.