Category: Construction

Location: 3104 Huntington Rd, Richmond, VT, USA

Seeking a team player with strong woodworking skills, an eye for detail, and a great attitude who is interested in a dynamic environment building all types of custom woodwork in our shop in Richmond, VT.

The right candidate will be engaged, efficient, innovative, and excited to work as a team member. A self-starter with the mathematical skills to build cabinets, doors, stairs, and furniture – all that meet very specific architectural/design guidelines. You will work alongside the other members of our woodshop team to create unique pieces in an engaging environment. We offer excellent pay and benefits and an opportunity to become part of an employee-owned company.

What you would bring to the job:
High proficiency with different hand tools, machinery, and other wood-cutting equipment including (but    not limited to) jointers, table saws, bandsaws, planers, shapers, sanders, routers, chisels, hand-planes, etc.
Understanding of necessary mathematics.
Knowledge of materials and processing.
Applicable engineering and design skills.
Attention to detail.
Ability to read plans.
Knowledge and experience with various types of cabinet and architectural hardware.
Understanding of the concept of wood movement and strategies to account for it.
Experience working with paper-backed and raw wood veneer.
3-5 years cabinetmaking experience required.

Job Responsibilities:
Demonstrate workplace safety as a high priority.
Select appropriate materials, methods, and equipment for each task.
Plan an effective workflow to ensure that projects are completed on time.
Interpret and develop cabinet designs and layouts.
Construct and assemble cabinet components, making sure that all pieces fit the dimensions specified.


To Apply:

Please submit a resume and letter of interest to: